On Gay Dads, Gucci Bags, New York Slags

@Abe Sauer As an LGBT journo who very much wants kids, and who, upon hearing news of Perez Hilton's show, threw up in my mouth a little bit, yes, Perez is smarmy.

I went to several blogs -- the Advocate, Joe.My.God, etc. -- that day to peruse the comments sections, and I was not able to find ONE positive comment from a gay man about having Perez Hilton do this show. I'm wary about statements that begin, "Gay men love..." or "Gay men hate...," but it's pretty safe to say that, for the most part, gay men LOATHE Perez Hilton.

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On What Was Your Weirdest Celebrity Sex Dream?

Oh, I can do this. Years ago I had a teevee in my room and had this habit of getting up, making the coffee, flipping the Today Show on and then halfway dozing off until it was time to actually get up. So it was one morning that I dozed off, but in that weird way where you're dreaming but you can also sort of hear things from the outside world.

Me. Matt Lauer. Swimming pool. Hot.

Except when he kept randomly saying that it was time to check in with Al for the weather.

Hand to god.

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On The Most Hilarious Piece You'll Ever Read About Gays in the Military

OMG the punchline. "A fair shot." I'm through with the internet now.

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On Who is the Greatest Diva of the Last 25 Years? We Offer Scientific Proof!

Can I just say, since nobody else mentioned it, that Shania Twain's face in all of those videos was just offensive? Woman cannot sing, and I felt the silent superiority and frustration in the other divas every time they had to endure her opening her mouth.

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On iTunes 10 Is So Incredibly Ugly


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On Gay Television Show Is Absolutely Horrific

This is a piece of Today's Gay News that I simply can't find it within myself to pay attention to, much less type words about.

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On Poor Ken Mehlman! He Felt Bad About Himself!

AGREE re: his "personal struggle."

Maybe he was scared to walk home by himself, As Ken Mehlman, in Chelsea, so decided to try to start atoning.

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On America Is Country of Foreskin!

Congratulations on illustrating this piece with a picture of the Local Jew whose Not Foreskin I'd most like to see. Well played.

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On California's Gay Marriage Gold Rush Is ON

NO GAY MARRIAGES UNTIL THE 18TH, for the judge has ruled that no china patterns shall be chosen in haste on his goddamned watch.

No, they're just turning it over to the 9th circuit, who will also deny the stay.

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On Virginia Goats Just Chilling On Billboard

I know goats want to
Jump up in the air and stay there

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