On Polly Asks: New York Magazine Wants Me to Write Ask Polly For Them. Should I Tell Them to Piss Off?

As always, the accompanying image is perfection.

Congratulations, Ask Polly, and thank you again for telling me some hard things I needed to hear (along with some soft things I also needed to hear) when I wrote you many months ago. You are a treasure and I'd follow you absolutely anywhere on the internet.

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On The Book I Didn't Write

It's abundantly clear from what you've written here why you decided not to write this book, but at the same time what you've written here would make me drop everything and start reading this book immediately if it actually existed.

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On Mrs. Dalloway Said She'd Make The Sandwiches Herself: A Guided Meditation

I am pretty sure this is going to be the best thing that happens to me today, and so I'm going to put off listening as long as I can.

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On Reviews of White Noise Recordings

By the way, Choire Sicha, I'm pretty sure that sleeping with an iphone under the pillow is why we're all going to die of skull cancer.

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On Reviews of White Noise Recordings

@finn Oh my god, I feel like my life begins today.

My top-played white noise track is "Rain Meditation Level I" but I mostly like it because it's an hour long. It's probably way too percussive for this crowd:


Okay now I've got Star Trek Ambient Engine Noise and the above-mentioned "3 Hour Nap" playing simultaneously and I feel like my third eye just opened.

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On Donald Sobol Solves Final Mystery

That's an unexpectedly moving and lovely headline. Nice work, Alex Balk.

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On A David Foster Wallace Conversation

Wow, the host is unbearable. I believe he might stop talking at some point, but I'm not positive.

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On The Velvet Underground, In Order

But you still like Black Angel's Death Song, right? Because I do.

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On 'Public Apology,' The Book, Coming Soon

I am buying this thing, because I cannot adequately express my love and admiration for this column except with actual money*. Congratulations, Dave Bry!

*(See also: yesterday's Maria Bustillos DFW piece. Publish it, publishers!)

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On Darkness Falls Across The Land

As with the best poetry, this feature would only be improved if we could also hear it read aloud.

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