On There Are Actually Some Great Christmas Songs!

You missed Back Door Santa by Clarence Carter and Merry Christmas from The Family by Robert Earl Keen.

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On The End of the 00s: So Lax, by Katie Bakes

This was nice.I couldn't help but defend those guys myself. It just seemed so off from day 1 and I have to say I hate Screamin' Lady Grace.

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On Hey, Congress Squares, Don't Water Down This Finance Reform Thing, Huh? By Eddie Money

Hey Eddie, remember that show you did in Jackson Hole a few years ago wear you played three songs and quit? $25 prick, you owe me $25.

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On Selected Liz Phair Songs, Presented in Order of Ratio of Elation to Despair

This comment section proves that, although Liz Phair has a very small fanbase, said fanbase are very into her

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On Public Apology: Dear Stephen Malkmus

Yeah, that is what I guessed, too.

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On Beyoncé Is An Illuminati Puppet--But One Man Knows the Truth

First and foremost, I don't think that any of these entertainers REALLY have any occult power, but I think that some of them THINK they do.

Jay Z does not have the power to start a One World Government, but like rappers' previous obsession with Scarface, this is a self-aggrandizement that they think will come true and they will show us the "secret signs" to make less intelligent fans fall in.

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On No, I Didn't Mean That At All! This Is Why I Don't Care About Your Band

So good it caused me to misspell.

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On No, I Didn't Mean That At All! This Is Why I Don't Care About Your Band

Never seen that Last Nite video. Pretty fuckin' good.

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On How To Get Rid Of The New Thing From The Company That Knows All

Mine thinks that I am a linebacker for the San Diego Chargers when I am actually a skinny little guitar player.

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On Church: Prologue, "This Is a Song"

We did not invent God. We just don't understand God. Not Christians, Buddhists, Hindus, Muslims, Atheist, nor any human. I think that is possible, though, that wolves do. And most likely cats. And dogs, for sure dogs, and ...

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