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On Ask Polly: Should I Divorce My Perfectly Good Husband?

why am I crying? I'm 22 and not even close to married, but this had a huge impact on me anyway.

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On What Made "The O.C." Great, Bitch

this was a pitch perfect writeup of my (and my fellow-22-year-olds') relationship with this show. thanks for that.

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On The End of the Roger Federer Era

Also, please give some love to the ladies. When I'm up til 6 am crying and screaming watching Maria, it would be lovely to know it was handled tenderly and thoughtfully by a writer at the Awl, and wake up to that the next day. But like, Maria is back! (I don't care how off her second serve is, wait a few months and we'll be hailing the return of the ice queen.)

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On The End of the Roger Federer Era

Great way of describing it Niko. It's such a reality in tennis, where that Godliness for a time will make you THE scalp to have, but no one really believes they can actually have it. I think it perpetuates a lot of confidence in God (Federer) and a lot of fear and disbelief in ability to the non-Gods (Roddick, for example?).

This was so similar in many women who dominated. I remember Serena when she was God, and to beat Serena would make a player nameable. In some ways, beating her (and Federer) will always be a big moment in a player's career from now on, but there was a distinct difference when beating "Serena Williams" changed to beating Serena Williams. And once lost, I don't think it ever comes back.

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On Sign Up For The Official 2011 Awl March Madness Bracket Tournament Challenge Presented By The Awl!

yahoo gave a picture for each team when you click the little "info" button. definitely chose based on cutest picture, most of the time. hello xavier! you're in my final four.

also, I used to get really into this and actually try to know something about college sports. so that made me assume that all the same teams I used to root for (WHERES WAKE FOREST?) are still hot.

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On Being Female

wow. I bought Inferno recently, and am desperate to read it even though I have far too much work at this moment but, yeah, fantastic article.

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On The United Church of Deliverance

I know what you mean, and looking at it that way it is easy to see her homophobia as worse than any of her human qualities so well displayed here. I think it is a shame though, to do to someone the same terrible thing they do to someone else (in this case, stripping her of her humanity because of her homophobic views, like in the way she sees gay people).

Anyway, people are complicated. This piece was wonderful though.

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On Tales from Brooklyn: Short Stories About Love (Actually Sex): Part 9

I really enjoy this. Keep writing!

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On Meet Our Summer Interns

Welcome Jane! So what do these kids actually have to do then? Because I am a kid and want to be one of "these kids" too.

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On Sex Offender Week: Performing Don Draper

I'm so glad I'm gay so I don't have to worry about whether or not my confidence will get me a wife.

"While women are, of necessity, more adept at coexisting with unrealistic romantic ideals, dudes are just getting used to it, and it's confusing, especially if you try to take the fantasy literally."

I thought this was very interesting. I also see this often with the (right kind of) gay men I know. We don't expect each other to be such elaborate performances of masculinity. Once this is broken down, life is so much easier.

Also, if you want to actually dance, without the awkward self-consciousness of the masculine-performing men, try a gay-dominated party.

Not having to live up to the expectations of Don Draper-style masculinity is probably my favourite part of finally coming out.

Oh, but I still think Don Draper is so fucking cool. It's interesting. Like, I see all his bad qualities, yes, and his hypocrisy. But he's so fuckable AND I want to be him. Maybe it's not that easy being gay.

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