On Ask Polly: My Great Job At A Top International News Publication Sucks Ass!

LW#1 buck up already, having a job in a semi-nice slice of modern society should be appreciated. I know it gets dull sometimes but really would you rather be running the paces in a hamster wheel for 5-8 years until you get some new gig or being shot at by children from a neighboring village for following a different religion?

LW#2 I think everyone, on Earth, to some extent - feels the way you do. This is not to trivialize what you are saying, but rather, lift it up to a subject which is something you share with your fellow humans on a day to day basis. You are in touch with deeper things, be happy you are not some shell of a human. When I feel the way you do, I read Osamu Dazai. Give it a whirl!

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On 'The Dark Knight Rises': And Michael Caine Wept

@hershmire are you kidding? Gaping plot holes, empty themes, and two dimensional characters are what make AMERICA GREAT OKAY

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On The 40-Year-Old Reversion

Coming up on 10 years married. Have not cheated, Love my wife dearly, and will still tell you marriage takes a lot of work. And this will only come as a shock to immature people who make choices they aren't ready for: anything of value takes work. Anything.

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On Explanation For Deja Vu Mundane

I once heard that Deja-vu was the result of an active memory hitting your long-term memory before reaching your short-term memory; instead of the other way around. So technically you are remembering something as it happens.

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On Why Does Vinyl Sound The Best? A Chat With A Musician Who Knows

I own records and a record player because some of the music I have I like listening to on records.

Remove all pre-suppositions about owning these things for any other reason, and there you have it.

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On Terrible Parenting Creating A Generation Of Screen Addicts

What is wrong with moderation and discipline? My daughter plays a lot of video games and has an iPad, and is always playing a little game here or there. AFTER her homework is done and AFTER I've made her double check all her answers and AFTER she gets punished/praised for the days failures/successes.

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On Man Goes Hungry

@Morbo sorry to break it to you but every single fat guy I've ever known in Wisconsin (and I grew up there and had plenty of fat uncles) are exactly what hockey mom is describing.

One uncle died of a stroke, and had heart surgeries because of his fat encrusted heart. His son and daughter was also freaking huge. They all believed Halloween was Satan's holiday and that the GOP were real americans and everyone else were faggots.

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On The Coming Real Estate Disaster for White-People Brooklyn

In Chicken Little's World™, the sky is *always* falling. I love you Awl, this article missed the mark. Loaded with too much prejudice against parents to begin with to even take the divorce commentary seriously.

What ever shall the childless in Brooklyn do with all these slutty breeders taking up twice as much space as the rest of us? WONT SOMEONE THINK OF THE CHILDREN???

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On 12 Things Currently Being Sold On eBay Because They Kinda Look Like Jesus

@City_Dater Slate Christ totally looks like Jesus. A Jesus Fish, vertically. In the shape of a vagina.

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On Lana Del Ray, "Carmen"

Can we please stop talking about this "singer" and her "music"? Or at least balance it with an article about Beth Ditto? Because Lana Del Rey is the exact opposite of Beth Ditto.

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