All I really want to do is play F/M/K with you.

On An Awl Programming Note

Really like the sound of this but it needs an apt, easy-to-remember name! -- If the publishing is done in fixed, regular periods, you could call the new thing "regularity". And if it's daily, you could call yourselves "diurnalists" and the activity "diurnalism", maybe? "Regularical diurnalism"?

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On Seriously, Fuck You, "Kindle Unlimited"

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On Seriously, Fuck You, "Kindle Unlimited"

It's funny but lots of the peoples * prefer to pay for things, or to pay more for things, especially when vast herds of other peoples are paying for the same things and there is a brand name for easy reference. It's as if they're trapped by a force field inside the shoposphere. [* Not in reference to carpetblogger]

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On The Books They Left Behind

Great, so I'm stuck with Lawrence Durrell's collected poems forever and I never get back my hardcover of Flow Chart. Just great.

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On The Dead Cannot Consent

I don't understand why people want to tell each other what books and movies not to write or produce. I suspect I might be able to figure it out if I really put my mind to it, but to hell with that. Meanwhile, it's a good thing for those people that there are lawyers they can hire who know what phrases to use to make it sound as if others are somehow not entitled to write and produce those deprecated books and movies.

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On The Faulkner Truthers

@libmas You can tell by the soft G sound.

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On The Faulkner Truthers

@KarenUhOh HA, SEZ YOU! Faulkner's eye teeth have been in my family for generations and I can prove it. He gave one to my granny for running off a pint when he was in sore need and had given other one to my great granny in return for something similar. He scratched his name in them with the Hope Diamond. They will endure.

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On Meet The Awl

@brent_cox Don't listen to him. He's been here all along, he just uses a fake number.

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On Writing In Public

i don't care what journalists think about if it's spinach or not. i say it's spinach and i say the hell with it.

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On People Who Are Always Going On About How They Need Coffee Aren't Just Annoying, They're Sick

So what? It just means you have to choose between coffee and having children (or coffee and not having a heart attack, or coffee and not haemorrhaging; whatever). Focus, people.

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