All I really want to do is play F/M/K with you.

On Meet The Awl

@brent_cox Don't listen to him. He's been here all along, he just uses a fake number.

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On Writing In Public

i don't care what journalists think about if it's spinach or not. i say it's spinach and i say the hell with it.

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On People Who Are Always Going On About How They Need Coffee Aren't Just Annoying, They're Sick

So what? It just means you have to choose between coffee and having children (or coffee and not having a heart attack, or coffee and not haemorrhaging; whatever). Focus, people.

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On An Oral History Of Gawker, By Reddit

@MisterHippity The snark that keeps jumping itself.

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On The Golden Era Of Spam Comments Has Ended

Okay guys, who can do the funniest spam commenter comment?

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On Why Do You Animals Flush The Toilet With Your Feet?

When I learned that foot-flushing was a thing, or more precisely that Southern women flush their leavings away with the toes of their shod feet, I asked my sister if it could possibly be true, not believing it. Of course we do, she said: "Just think of all the feet that have been on that handle!"

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On Column Filed

The only way you could improve that is if there were a Westgate Mall closer than Rochester.

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On Are The Startup Fellas Hellbent On Destroying Education Even Literate?

Had me at "I dove deeper".

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On Tompall Glaser, 1933-2013

"'And you, Atrocious Tosches,' he'd bellow, mispronouncing my name to fit the tiresome rhyme he never got tired of turning, waving the little ruler toward me, 'you'd better finish that book and put my great ass in it.'"
And so he did.

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On Tompall Glaser, 1933-2013

And now he's spam-commented.

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