yeah, that's my real name. i'm easily reached via google.

On SoulCycle SoulCycle SoulCycle

Exactly what I imagined, thank you, looking forward to spending lotsa money here.

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On The Best Person In The World?

Saw her in Oxford and it was one of the better decisions I've made this century. Go, go!

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On "Unlike Bears, Twentysomethings Are Very Sad People"

come back, firmuhment!

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On How to Name Your Baby

Googling my name gets: me, the person I'm named after, the person who was named after me, our common name-ancestor from 1831, and some lady in Eastern Europe who has it as a middle name. Presumably, that last one exists because someone was just randomly generating sound/letter combinations.

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On Ask Polly: Should I Divorce My Perfectly Good Husband?

@Nabonwe "that's what defines acting honorably in a serious relationship – all the decisions, even the one to end it, should be made together."

Agree with that hardcore.

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On 3 Tired TV Tropes & 3 Shows That Toppled Them

'swagger and courage and heart' are the literal last three words I would apply to Hannah. maybe this is just my own personal soapbox, but i would love it if we collectively stopped treating the admission of one's feelings (positive or negative) as a terribly brave and/or defiant thing to do. in many cases, it is the exact opposite, at least as used by Hannah: a way to excuse or blame her bad and/or hurtful behavior by retreating to pathos. i'd be more likely to go with 'defensive and insecure and self-absorbed,' though that makes it sounds like i like the character less than i do.

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On A Poem By Matthew Lippman

loved this.

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On A View From Outside the Temple

Speaking of Kolob, I would like to present the best headline ever attached to an article about Mormonism: http://killingthebuddha.com/mag/dogma/jesus-in-space/

(The dek is "Mormon astronauts: take me with you!")

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On A View From Outside the Temple

Riff, that's been my impression, too. Yes, there's a freemasonry connection, but I haven't read any legitimate historian presenting the theory that it had anything to do with his death.

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On A View From Outside the Temple

I didn't read the piece as mocking, though I would certainly take issue with the author's idea that Mormons are necessarily "content in their unshakeable faith and clear path forward."

(It's a fair point, though, that the Church would like that to be the impression it gives the outside world. Missionaries who serve in Temple Square seem to be selected for friendliness, enthusiasm, and an unwillingness to engage politically with visitors.)

More on all that faithful contentment: http://www.theawl.com/2010/06/prop-8-mormon-persecution-and-the-refuge-of-patriotism

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