On Content Distributed

Have you not basically just described what AOL used to be?

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On Dear NYC Young People: You Never, Ever Call an Emergency Locksmith

When I got locked out of my terrible first apartment late at night, I just scaled the fire escape and broke into my own apartment's window. I have to admit, it was pretty rad.

Posted on January 19, 2011 at 9:22 am 2

On How to Eat at Chipotle

I am slightly proud/ashamed to say I've been to every Chipotle in New York, so if anyone wants to know how each location ranks in terms of quality compared to the others… I will tell you, but I will be embarrassed about it.

And also, yes: vegetarian burritos and tacos are bullshit.

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On Reporter John Cook Leaving Gawker

I feel kind of orphaned.

Whose intern am I now!?

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On How Brittany Murphy's Menstruation Just Doesn't Make Sense

"Maybe she had PMS-related panic attacks," Rindley suggested. "I mean, to get serious, that could be what he meant. The hormones take over, they really do, it's nuts. I once cried for fifteen minutes over not being able to figure out a tool in Photoshop. Like deep wracking sobs."

I have a friend who once had a "PMS-related panic attack" over the lack of pudding in her fridge. Like, collapsed on the floor of her kitchen, sobbing over her pudding-less existence.

"Also," Laura added, "Didn't she have a bunch of cold medicine in her system? AKA the stuff that my summer-of-96 roommates would often try to turn into speed?"

Aren't medicines containing pseudoephedrine pretty heavily regulated these days for precisely such reasons?

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On The Strange Case of Yale and the "Federal Takeover" of Student Loans

Also, Choire, this is a terrific item, and as someone who's about to graduate from college with ~$200K of student loan debt, I'm glad people are paying attention to this issue (even if it does make me a little nauseous to think about).

But Storlazzi's remarks aren't that surprising for a university administrator. If I recall, Cuomo was investigating lenders - including Sallie Mae - for providing kickbacks to the schools who sold them as "preferred lenders" to students.

Better prices and services, indeed.

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On The Strange Case of Yale and the "Federal Takeover" of Student Loans

"That the "range of loan options" and the "better customer service" are his only two reasons-also, the exact reasons cited by lobbyists for loan companies like Sallie Mae for their existence!-is an incredibly weak argument, given the difference that these different kinds of loans make in students' lives."

They're also incredibly weak arguments because they're just not true! (As anyone who's had the absolute pleasure of dealing with Sallie Mae's outsourced customer service representatives can attest.)

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