I invented the Internet.

On Manhattan Inside The Grand Canyon, But Not In A Sexual Way Or Anything

I've had that dream.

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On Neko Case, Live in Bed


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On The Most Emailed 'New York Times' Article Ever

When I got to the ibex farm I stood up out of my chair and said YES. Thank you, David and the Awl.

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On Philadelphia Rocked By Possible Loss Of Snack Cakes

Oh God. Without the possibility of Tasty-Klair pies there is no reason to go on. The way the chocolate adhered to the plastic wrapper so that you'd have to lick it like some desperate goo junkie. The eclair-ish filling inside a crumbling pie shell. Next they'll take away Herr's sour cream and onion potato chips in the green foil bag. And then they'll eliminate scrapple. And then what is Pennsylvania? A bigger Delaware with more sales tax. I'm totally serious when I write that my first thought was, "I'm glad my grandfather wasn't alive to see this day."

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On A Conversation with Paul Ford, Web Editor of Harper's Magazine

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On Margaret Thatcher Goes On And On

I hope Ariel Sharon can make it.

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On Did You Get Our Message Yesterday?

I want the machine to have a broader role on the site. Can they review music?

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On Insane FDNY Brawl Takes Place After Dinner at Unattractive Restaurant

I live right down from that place! The neighborhood is totally 100% safe for ladies. It's just wedged between Carroll Gardens and Park Slope, so the ugliness of it is particularly noticable. We've never been to Two Toms because it's never open except when it is, and then it's often filled with men in track suits socializing. Or firemen.

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