On Four Twenty

@riotnrrd - And The Awl's.

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On Who Are You Awl?

ORLY? (As long as we're digging up 2010-era memes.)

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On Tom Lehrer, American Hero

@CTD - Same here. Also, being "a beloved instructor in math and musical theater" sounds like more or less the perfect job.

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On Brenda Russell Is 65

"In-phoning." Nice.

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On Checking In With My Pile Of Rejected 'New Yorker' Cartoons

"Volunteers (of the Internet)": Jefferson Starship plus 45 years?

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On Big Words Bad, Gone Soon

You know that alt-text should've been "<3 this," right?

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On Snooze Vindicated

@j.a.b. - Lorrycrime Island?

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On Fifth Seal Opened

@davidwatts - Apparently Ray Davies's endorsement doesn't carry the weight in TX that it once did.

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On What To Do When You Pass Out In Hot Yoga

Body starts breaking down at around 26 1/2, based on my ever-receding recollection. So Jane's got another good 18 months or so, I guess.

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On Meet The Awl

@jfruh - Hyperlink, yo. (I suppose it might not have been there earlier, though.)

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