On Things Change

I enjoyed the interval before the construction of the new Cooper U. building (not knowing it would eventually lead to charging tuition), and after the demolition of the stuff that used to be there--it was the only time you could get a good look at that domed Ukrainian church from any distance.

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On Four Twenty

@riotnrrd - And The Awl's.

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On Who Are You Awl?

ORLY? (As long as we're digging up 2010-era memes.)

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On Tom Lehrer, American Hero

@CTD - Same here. Also, being "a beloved instructor in math and musical theater" sounds like more or less the perfect job.

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On Brenda Russell Is 65

"In-phoning." Nice.

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On Checking In With My Pile Of Rejected 'New Yorker' Cartoons

"Volunteers (of the Internet)": Jefferson Starship plus 45 years?

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On Big Words Bad, Gone Soon

You know that alt-text should've been "<3 this," right?

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On Snooze Vindicated

@j.a.b. - Lorrycrime Island?

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On Fifth Seal Opened

@davidwatts - Apparently Ray Davies's endorsement doesn't carry the weight in TX that it once did.

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On What To Do When You Pass Out In Hot Yoga

Body starts breaking down at around 26 1/2, based on my ever-receding recollection. So Jane's got another good 18 months or so, I guess.

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