On Why I'm Still Not An American

"...perhaps because I'm half-Arab, which is a revocable kind of white."

This whole essay was great, but I love that line. My fiance is half-Arab, so I know some of what he's had to deal with. "Revocable kind of white" is the perfect way to describe it.

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On "Felicity" And The Joys Of Decent TV

@bee1000 100% agreed on The Wonder Years. Watched a few episodes on Netflix and completely expected it to have held up well, especially given the fact that I was 7 or 8 when I watched it and didn't remember very much. I was sorely disappointed. Boy Meets World, on the other hand, has aged fabulously (for me, at least). I completely expected it to work the other way around.

Also, the pink noise thing describes perfectly what I'm looking for most of the time when I'm consuming media-- something that I don't have to be embarrassed about watching, so no reality shows, but also doesn't require that much thought or close attention to understand. I'm currently wondering whether Dawson's Creek fits into the "acceptable pink noise" or "embarrassing" category.

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On Killer Diaresis Keeps New Yorker Editors Living In Fear

The diaresis is totally unnecessary and somewhat pretentious, so basically I think it helps make The New Yorker The New Yorker and I sort of like it.

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On The Search For The Oldest Living Thing In New York

@melis I had the exact same thought. I might not have been able to make a decent joke, but the song is still in my head. Goddammit.

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On America's Unchecked Gun Culture Killed Trayvon Martin

@deepomega If Trayvon was white, no one would have had to post pictures of his Twitter account-- the shooter would have been arrested and charged.

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On Young Elephant Tries To Run Away From Circus For Same Reason Young Humans Try To Run Away To Join Circus

I was rather looking forward to some strong Irish accents in the interviews, only to be sorely disappointed. THANKS REUTERS.

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On Who Will Protect Catholics from Rick Santorum?

Excellent piece. I was raised Catholic, and even though I don't practice I still tend to follow the goings-on of the Catholic church more closely than I would any other religion. I was actually surprised by the sanity of many of the Church's positions (so I guess I don't follow the goings-on THAT well). If they would do a better job of communicating these rather than the constant focus on abortion and generally trying to end reproductive rights for women, maybe so many people wouldn't be completely convinced the Church is stuck in the Middle Ages.

With evolution, the Catholic Church actually does an excellent job with reconciling the Bible with science. My understanding of Catholic doctrine is that the week of Creation referred to in Genesis is not strictly a week and actually encompassed those billions of years between the formation of the Earth and the evolution of modern man. Not perfect, but certainly far more sensible than believing the Earth was created 6,000 years ago and any evidence to the contrary was planted by God to "trick" us. Personally, I'm pro-choice and anti-death penalty, but I have a much easier time understanding the POV of those who are pro-life and anti-death penalty than pro-life and pro-capital punishment.

There. That's all the praise I have for the Catholic Church, because they've certainly still got plenty of issues. But if Dick and Newton would just convert to evangelical Christianity, they'd be rid of two of them.

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On Who Will Protect Catholics from Rick Santorum?

@Ralph Haygood- Santorum lost to a pro-life Democrat whose father was a popular governor and whose family has never lost an election in Pennsylvania. He never really had a chance.

I hate Santorum as much as the next liberal, but I'm also from PA so I felt compelled to clarify. It wasn't his lack of political prowess which cost him that election (although perhaps it could help explain why the defeat was so bad).

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On This Is How the Gossip Blogs Always Let Us Down

Wouldn't a python pillow be terribly uncomfortable? Well... I suppose I'll never have to find out!

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On The Man Who Makes Money Publishing Your Nude Pics

Actually, I forgot the most important difference between the two men. Tucker Max openly admits to being an asshole and understands that his actions are wrong, but acts anyway. This guy doesn't see the issue with what he is doing. Unless you think that this guy is simply a worse version of Tucker Max... In which case I think I'm frightened to see who comes next.

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