On "The Runaways" Trailer

Finally, a lesbian Velvet Goldmine!

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On Nina Hartley in the Valley

Thanks for describing porn, I guess.

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On Two Black Men in White House Twice as Threatening to Internet

"Mr. Obama extended the invitation to Jay-Z in recognition of the celebrated rapper's efforts to eradicate Autotune from our nation's recording industry."

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On Greek Nonsense YA Trilogy Gets The Million+ Payday

Speaking of jokes, you've probably noticed the title of the first book in this supposedly classical-Greece based series is a term invented by an Englishman for use in a play about Italians. They even managed to screw up the *title*.

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On It's Like They Don't Even Care What They're Saying

I like how she's wearing a turtlneck in the beginning of that commercial, then switches to a plunging-neckline number to deliver her appeal: "vote for me and my tits!" These heated scuffles to secure the stupid-people vote are always so amusing.

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On America's Endless Eggo Shortage Still a Very Quiet Crisis

I'm more concerned about how the majority of our nation's vital frozen waffle supply is controlled by just two factories, both owned by Kellogs. Where's the outrage? This is how they take our freedoms away, one frozen waffle at a time.

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On The Coyote's Guide To New York Living

I take it at the end of the video, the coyote finally gets that bottle open, discovers it's full of homeless guy pee, and trots off in disgust.

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On Because Who Hasn't Gotten A Little Amorous And Decided, You Know What, Let's Go Tie You Naked To A Tree Down At The Park?

I assume arresting naked people requires extra paperwork, and the cops were tired out from all that laughing.

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On Emu Dies In Suspicious Circumstances

Is there an established method for restraining a mad emu? Seems like standard procedure would be something like "Step 1: shoot emu."

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On Dear Residents Of Hudson Street Between Morton and Barrow Streets

That's cool that you have kind friends who give you a consolation call in the event of a dud comeback. Probably should have gone with some variation of "I wish your damn dog would shut up!"

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