On Hello, Welcome To Blockbuster, May I Help You

@Dan Humphrey@facebook Hi Dan. Thanks for reading. People shouldn't miss Blockbuster was kind of the point of my essay? But I am still nostalgic for the time I worked there? I certainly don't feel like I painted the company in an attractive light. None of us working there thought we were being edgy or cool for it, at least.
Anyway. To your other points: Indeed. I'd have included some of this in a longer piece, but it makes for good footnotes. Blockbuster refused to stock anything above an R rating, which meant missing out on some good films, but also not renting porn. Double-edged sword if you ask me, considering that some of my friends who worked at those indie stores (which survived almost exclusively on porn rental) had seriously creepshow stories to relate dealing with that clientele. My friends and I were bummed we had to rent from Movie Gallery, for instance, to see Last Temptation of Christ, but yeah. It is sad that a lot of cool indie stores were put out of business by Blockbuster, but they too would have been put out of business by Netflix. It's my hope that some indie stores still cater to the cult film crowds and survive on renting DVDs that Netflix still doesn't stock, but I admit that may be a pipe dream.
I don't think there's much legitimacy to the argument that Blockbuster determined the edginess of Hollywood in the 80s and 90s, though. Producing anything over a PG-13 has always been a gamble for Hollywood simply due to the demography of film-goers: Teenagers go see movies in theaters at much higher rates than people who can get in to R-rated movies on their own. That is who Hollywood, therefore, largely caters to.

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On The Battle For Planet Flanagan

Oh man! Chris Roberts sent me a death threat last year for commenting on a VIDA piece. (Hi, Chris!) He called me a "Mary boy," too! He self-published a book for Amazon that I must absolutely read now. (You're welcome, Chris!) He seems to be trying to become famous as a writer by threatening everyone who writes online. How's that working out, Chris?

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On The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame Should Not Exist

I agree completely with Dave, but then I also think we can dispense with pretty much every award-based institution, at least in the arts. Popularity contests should have ended with high school.

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On Who's Afraid Of Lana Del Rey?

I can't tell if Adam is being sarcastic when he writes "discerning fans would never judge an artist solely on whether or not his music is pleasing." To me that's the definition of a discerning listener, and arguments over "authenticity" be damned.

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On What The Future Looked Like In 1995

Bowie was not entirely wrong?

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On Summer Baking: Homemade Pudding Pops

@jolie asked for it y'all. Stop reading if you are easily offended.

Gone? Ok.

Poop in a condom and put it in the freezer. When it hardens, use it however you wish. Voila! Puddin' pop!

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On Summer Baking: Homemade Pudding Pops

Is this a good place to share the awful, fake sex act I named the "puddin pop"?

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On Local Man is Irritated: In Defense of Tallahassee

@deepomega I think the Truck Nutz one might be true :(

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On Local Man is Irritated: In Defense of Tallahassee

@KenWheaton Yeah, he got fucked by Keebler, but that doesn't mean his originals weren't delish.

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On Local Man is Irritated: In Defense of Tallahassee

@davidwatts Oh right. That guy!

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