On Heroes Of The Hamptons

I stopped reading VF long ago when it felt like every article or photo spread was an attempt by Graydon Carter to brownnose yet another group of rich fucks.

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On You Lost Me At The Headline

Honestly, this is the most perfect "And That's When I Clicked 'Close Tab'" ever.

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On How To Handle Foreigners

After reading that I have a real urge to touch an Indian.

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On Steven Slater The George Mallory of Escaping Jet Blue Flight Attendants

I still don't understand why the cops had to surround his house and arrest him while he was having sex.

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On The Case Against Gay Marriage, by Ross Douthat, Space Alien

When I read that marriage is, "one of the great ideas of Western civilization," it really reminded me of my childhood growing up in a neighborhood where most families were defined to some degree by physical, emotional and sexual abuse plus alcoholism, drugs, infidelity, mental instability and outright criminality. Hey, that was what it was, but I really have to wonder what sort of family Ross grew up in.

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On Octopus Steals Camera, Swims Away, Directs First Film

That's not fair for those of us with desk jobs.

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On Vanishing Point (Your Memes Reviewed): Betty White

I love that Betty White is famous enough to have a parody backlash, aka "Betty White Hates Your Grandmother."

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On Cops Holding On To Giant British Penis

Is that a handcrafted giant penis?

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On Inconsistent Pleadings: What is the Internet If Not a Clearinghouse for All Manner of Off-Topic, Anal-Related Comments?

Just curious, do the anal pressure washers who run this site take time off from taking it in the ass just about every minute of every day to censor offensive comments?

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On All Day, Every Day: Ask Us Anything!

You guys should totally do the forum thing so can we post anime all day.

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