On Bethany Beach, Delaware, August 17, 2014

Was just there. Last week's weather so pleasant it bordered on the prosaic, including a lovely Tuesday evening thunderstorm. Dolphins almost every day.

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On "the dead Box canyon where my heart lives now"

Suck it Jim Behrle this is my house now

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On I Enjoy Being A Lesbian

I li(c)ked this

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On The Last Female Staff Reporter Quits the 'New York Observer'

What's the ratio at Radar On Line these days?

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On The Job Board: Have a Job? Want One? Inquire Within!

Looking for a VP of sales. Are such people allowed to read The Awl without bursting into flames? If so, then: obviously, VP-appropriate-level client and agency contacts, experience in enterprise-level partnerships for media/technology. Mobile a big plus. Job's in NYC. Real serious motherfuckers only may inquire at cmohney@blackbookmag.com.

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On The Thrillist Junket: In Their Own Words and Pictures

"Even as my potential fling part II fizzled, I did manage to form a relationship with a lifestyle brand, which did nothing short of bend over backwards for me."

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On Who Are You Awl?

I am not here.

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On Chart Roulette v. Chat Beat

hah, I'm glad to see my infection of Cho with the ChartBeat virus has spread to the rest of the Awl staff.

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On The End of the 00s: Made in New York, by Joel Johnson

Joel called me a dick in his first email to me long ago but it was in a welcoming/congratulatory way. And that pretty much set the tone for working in This Industry that I love so well. I've had middling enthusiasm for some installments of this series, though many have been great too ... but this one is over the fence. Well done.

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On Remember "Remo Williams"? I Didn't Think So.

Not only did I see this movie in ye olde theatre -- but by the time I did, I had already stopped reading the dozens (hundreds?) of Destroyer books on which it was based. Sort of a bloodthirsty nincompoop's Nancy Drew, the books were a group-written hodgepodge of 70s serial crap. Wonderful stuff for a nine year old who couldn't get into "Mack Bolan: Executioner". Chiun had an evil twin named Nuihc; it was eventually revealed that Chiun's real name *was* Nuihc, and the nova-Nuihc was an evil student of his that took his name, and so, to distinguish between himself and his evil student, old-Nuihc reversed his name to Chiun. I also remember Remo losing interest in sex because he had mastered the instant-orgasm-touching thing in so many ways that making a woman come was too easy and boring for him (as was killing people), so he really had no outlet for his many frustrations. I think there was also a killer android that Remo eventually befriended. And there was a billionaire villain who offered people outrageous sums of money to do the things they claimed they'd never do; he offered a fortune to a thug if said thug would beat his (the thug's) grandmother to death with a twig. Thus ends my Remo Williams memory dump.

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