I am the lowest point in modern football.

On What $2000 Gets You in Brownstone Brooklyn

Cool I always wanted to be the kids from Flowers in the Attic

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On What $2000 Gets You in Brownstone Brooklyn

@David Roth Yeah...unless something has changed pretty recently or there's something significant I'm missing there's no fire exit, this is 100% illegal and I am kind of shocked it is being professionally represented.

Also it is clearly not 2 miles below the earth, THERE IS A SKYLIGHT, DUH.

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On On Lena, On Rihanna, On Kimye: The Very Necessary Death Of "Vogue"

@IBentMyWookie which is why you read a billion word essay on Kim Kardashian's Vogue cover and are now commenting on it? Give her 0% of your attention then.

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On Meet The Awl

They will never call it "DoBro" because "Bro" is what realtors have taken to calling the Bronx, it is way too confusing to call Downtown BK "DoBro" and south Bronx "SoBro," please get it together guys.

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On Ask Polly: My Mom Keeps Guilting Me About Visiting For Christmas!

Polly's response is fucking horrifying, makes a lot of shitty assumptions (that aren't borne out in the actual letter, frankly?), and openly belittles emotional abuse (versus physical abuse which I guess wins?) and I'll leave it at that.

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On The Programmer's Lament: It Could Totally Be Worse!

I am absolutely hypnotized by this gif.

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On Are These The Worst Sites On The Internet?

@lbf I have a friend who just discovered Upworthy and keeps spamming my Facebook feed with "inspiring" "feminist" fluff and I finally had to respond "grow up" and feel guilty but what the hell.

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On Are These The Worst Sites On The Internet?

Oh my god thank you for introducing me to Viral Nova. That website is like every single work/high school/college friend that I've drifted away from but stay "in touch with" via Facebook, all of whom are fans of posting statuses of the "Only 3% of people will have the nerve to repost this truth..." variety, all got together and made their own website!!!!

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On Ladies: Even A Single Cigarette Can Immediately Kill You

@Adam Ingrassia@facebook I think he meant 4 pack: http://www.wine.com/V6/Francis-Ford-Coppola-Winery-Sofia-Mini-Blanc-de-Blancs-4-Pack/wine/78020/detail.aspx

(Note: I know he did not actually literally mean 4-pack product of wine named after a dilittante)

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On The Republican Party's Rape Problem

@Buffalo66 Like, the way these morons phrased their answer is only PART of the problem here. The rest of the problem is that THE MAJORITY OF AMERICANS DO NOT AGREE WITH THEIR OPINION EVEN NICELY STATED.

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