On Yes, Let's Let the Rich People Go Space-Mining, It'll End Well for Everyone

four words: three boobs

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On A Drynuary Diary: Week One

@#56 Leap Year!

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On No-Rise Beer Bread for Idiots and Loons

The next Awl blog: The Inebrieater

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On Industry That Disappeared All Its Jobs "Giving a Lift" to Economy? Unlikely!

Why do y'awl romanticize manufacturing jobs... America still makes a lot of stuff, with THE MACHINES

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On More Evidence To Support The Fact That Chimpanzees Are Horrible Monsters

it should be "we really are so much like Chimpanzees"

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On Would You Trust 7-Eleven To Make Your Beer?

80% of high school was booze + slurpees from the lone 7-11 on the UES, affectionately called slurpkas or vodklurpees

o yea and those heineken mini kegs for the cab ride back

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On Rapey Priests Really Got It On After Beatles' First LP

douchehat for me

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On The 14 Most Remarkable Apple Product Placements

also, wall-e's start up sound is the mac chime

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On New York Spared Misery of Sad Paterson Campaign

Another tough guy attorney general for governor...?!

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On Bear With Three Legs Walks Like People!

And I, for one, welcome our new ursine overlords

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