On Is Heath Ledger Really Dead? Or Who Is His Identical Twin?

Dunno. Never thought he actually died.

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On A New Design? A New D. R. Adams Theme Song


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On A Nice Relaxing Break with Johnny Weir

You're going to pee a little bit.

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On Barack Obama Is Your New iPad


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On Freeway: "Trap Door (Freestyle)"

Create an illy scene, here's what I really mean
I make the whole city glow like the video for Billy Jean
Possess it, I was destined to be fluorescent
You less slick-guess it's just the finesse that you blessed wit
Got correct lines to do it, infect minds
The kind that reject fine electronic music
When I, blaze the art, split ya smart brain waves apart, wit grace cuz I'm laser sharp
To phase ya, I know you saw the flow slaughter then you switched to flame, can melt the same as throwin water on a witch
I'm a, livewire for hire, fire in entire spurts
To jump up and get blew out like fireworks
I clearly blow and left you find this mysterio,
Theory show, material glowin' inside your stereo
I'm nasty, haters consider me to be flashy, cash me out of mouth, I'm bout, countin the last G

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On Freeway: "Trap Door (Freestyle)"

And "Glow" with Elzhi and Royce is the greatest song of all time.

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On Freeway: "Trap Door (Freestyle)"

DOOM spit over this on WVM. Definitely runs circles around this.

Either way, can't wait for Stim Pack.

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