On When To Smoke In New York City

Back when I still used to smoke a pack a day I tried a puff of a friend's electronic cigarette, and I immediately felt the kind of nicotine head rush that I hadn't experienced in many years. I honestly don't know how those things are supposed to help someone quit - it felt to me like it had ten times the nicotine of a normal cigarette. I would say the embarrassment of being seen in public sucking on one of those light-up dildos would maybe be the thing to help someone wean themselves, except nobody I've ever seen non-ironically using them in public appeared to have a functional sense of shame. (Social pariah status or not, smoking cigarettes will always look cool, sorry! Having to quit has not changed my mind on that matter.)

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On Book Enjoyed

Anyone who had anything to with the phrase "hearing the best song of summer squirt out of the radio" appearing in print should be ashamed of themselves.

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On David Thomas Is 60

greatest album of the 21st century

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On Billy Bragg, "Handyman Blues"

I've been revisiting "Workers Playtime" a LOT lately and would recommend any and everyone to do the same.

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On You Know Who Else Hated Tipping?

Sure, that's cool, just raise the minimum wage to something livable and we'll be all set.

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On A Brief, Opinionated History of Taxes in America

@oneinthehand Did this comment time-travel here from 2005?

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On San Francisco Mission Residents Dumbfounded By Local Predator

Did it work? Are they all gone yet?

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On Are Women The New Problem Drinkers, Because They Are Lady Binge-Drinkers?

$75,000/year = wealthy
$250,000/year = middle class
$10,000,000/year = qualified for (corporate) welfare

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On Oh Look, An Actual Piece of Informative Political Reporting

YES. This is also why the first debate was so damaging at the time...

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On How to Win the Nobel Prize in Literature

Getting to read one of these "handy guides" things on a friday afternoon can almost, just for a little while, make you forget all about how shitty the rest of the week has been. So thanks!

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