On The Impressive History Of Blue Jeans

No mention of Stevie Nick's Blue Denim? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xb0IL7oXIXM (And on Emily week too!)

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On Mashups: The Other Time that Prince Met Kate Bush

"Why Should I Love You" is one of those songs that never stops disappointing me. I keep trying to love it because, come on, it's Kate Bush and Prince, but no, it's bad. (The demo version before Prince got involved is pretty awesome though.)

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On Random New Yorker: Patricia Lee Stotter, Producer and Composer

It's upsetting how depressing I find it to read about people who moved to New York and actually had their dreams come true.

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On Sally Quinn and Deborah Tannen Reveal Plan to Destroy Women's Progress

I had to stop at #12, although I think that and 14 together explain the continued popularity of Fox News.

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On PJ Harvey, "The Last Living Rose"

Ha, was in other windows for a while and didn't see BobbyJim's comment. The one time the auto-refresh would've been useful...

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On PJ Harvey, "The Last Living Rose"

Have you seen the other new song she played at that Camp Bestival show, Let England Shake? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yiB30L2-emM I enjoy it more than Last Living Rose, and the sample is used well.

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On Will The Cosmos Inexplicably Decide To Give Us Another Planet To Ruin?

We already know where Earth-2 is, we just have to make the Flash use the Cosmic Treadmill to get there.

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On Understudies! How 'Spring Awakening' Changed the Business of Musical Theater

I saw Spring Awakening with the original cast, and the performances were excellent, the lyrics were great, but the music...ehh. There was nothing really memorable. It was also WAY overhyped by my friends, and seeing the show with your parents and 14-year old sister makes for an...uncomfortable...viewing experience so that didn't help as well. It was ok, but I never felt the NEED to hear the songs again, which is one of the hallmarks of a great musical.

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On Understudies! The Technicolor Grace of 'Godspell'

This was beautiful. It reminded me of all that can be great about music and odd groups, and it's great to see something outside the usual Gawker vein from you, Richard.

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On The Job Board: Need an Employee? Need a Job? Inquire Within

Recent NYU grad with government and legal intern experience, looking for a job in NYC in either of those fields that won't be soul-crushingly mindless or just plain soul-crushing. I know that's a long shot but hope springs eternal. E-mail is hveasey1213@yahoo.com

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