On Is James Deen the Title IX of Porn?

i thought James Deen was considered "for ladies" not because he's vanilla but because he's actually reasonably hot?

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On How To Share Your Good News With Friends

A fun thing to do which i have done to great effect is to just write CONGRATULATIONS TO ME! on your Facebook wall and wait for chaos to ensue.

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On Fictional Drugs In Order Of How Useful They Would Be To Me Right Now

you know, adderall is actually REAL

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On 'Tiger Eyes: The Movie' Is Actually Going to Happen!

let's skip Wifey the movie and go straight to Wifey the musical please. (Centerpiece number: "A Little Something.")

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On The Maps We Wandered Into As Kids

there are different Oz maps of varying levels of complexity as I recall; not sure of their history or in what editions they were originally used but I know the ones I read growing up had a much more detailed map, and that later Oz books (the ones not written by Baum, probably) had a map that was even more elaborate.

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On The Stacey Q Gap

@KellySkittles You beat me to it!

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On Cheap Kindle is Cheap

my kindle has broken twice in a year, but amazon is so desperate for me to have one that they have overnighted me a new one for free both times

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On New E-Bookstore Has Best FAQ Ever

@jfruh editors kind of fall under the umbrella of publishers though, right?

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On Tavi Gevinson's Party at the Ace Hotel

look, i was wasted, ok????

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On Mr. Swift's Moronic Proposal: Ebooks Will Keep Writers From Writing!

@Honest Engine it really depends on the book. several of the ninety-nine cent books appear to be self-published. i know that some publishers have tried the trick of temporarily giving away books for free or virtually free to try to inflate sales or build momentum. which isn't a terrible idea but it does have the effect of undercutting everyone else.

when lots of books cost $0.99, people don't want to pay ten bucks for other books. the problem is that it's hard for anyone to make money off of a book when it's being sold for $0.99. The reason people like Amanda Hocking can do it is because she bangs away at a keyboard for two days until there are a lot of letters in a document, gives it a romantic/ominous title, and clicks publish. plus she's one of the very very few people whose books actually took off.

For books that a lot of people put a lot of work into, not to mention books that are not going to sell a million copies, charging less than the cost of a pack of gum for a book is not practical. Amazon doesn't care because it doesn't really cost them any money to sell an e-book. They're happy to take whatever pennies they happen to get.

i want to clarify that i don't think there's anything inherently wrong with self-publishing. i think a lot more people are going to be doing it in the future and i think it could end up being a really good thing. in fact, i'm planning on self-publishing my own out-of-print books when i get around to it. i'm just saying that it sucks that i will have to charge ninety-nine cents for them. when i do it, i'm planning on hiring a cover designer to redo the covers and i highly doubt i will recoup even the low amount of money i'm spending on that.

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