On An Oral History Of Gawker, By Reddit

Wow. I'm not a reddit user and only vaguely aware of it's existence. But reading the comments from so many Gawker commenters was a pleasant stroll down memory lane.

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On The Republican Party's Rape Problem

Too bad the author's name isn't Michael Morris Hunt.

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On Atheism Can Be Just As Boring As Religion!

That's a strange bumper sticker.

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On Even God Not Interested In A "Joe The Plumber" Candidacy

I have to agree with evangenital:

"Maybe there is a God..."

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On Malcolm Gladwell, LIVE ON TOUR IN THE UK!

comments section of the New Yorker, essentially annihilating his previous work about David and Goliath.

Maybe on a blog or two also, but I read it in the New Yorker (I hope saying that doesn't get me excommunicated here)

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On English, Now Featuring One Million Words!

added by user: noFanofBrunoD12Rulz!!1!

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On Susan Orlean Needs A Room Of Her Own! Or A Wife! Or A Bodyguard!

Now THAT I'd watch.

Howdy, Tippy.

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On Funny Animal Videos Make Everybody's Wednesday Better

Blackbird by The Beatles

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On If this post were a "light messaging" phone it would be pulsing red right now.

I don't want to know that much about ANYBODY.

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On The Best Cat In The World: Is He For You?

Digital Edition!

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