Istanbul-based mongol seeking horde for mass pillaging.

On Introducing... Shirterate

@laurel Is this where we start the awkward conversation we need to have with The Awl?

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On Brute-Force Prestige

@KarenUhOh My Alma Mater!

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On Why Did Women Throw Their Panties at This Man?

Hello Darlin in Russian is on frequent rotation in the Carpetblogger playlist.

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On The Books They Left Behind


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On Vaunted College Newspaper Now More Like Real Newspapers


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On Ask Polly: I'm 33 And Single. What Am I Doing Wrong?

Don't worry. This will all be a lot simpler when you're single in your 40s.

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On The Tragic Life of Ugly Birds


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On All That We Have Foreseen Has Come To Pass In Brooklyn

@KarenUhOh And still breast feeding.

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On Ask Polly: My Boyfriend Thinks I'm Ugly

I read this column primarily because it reminds me how glad I am not to be 25 anymore.

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On Meet The Awl

Low number weighing in with conditional support for changes mentioned herein.

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