On Meat Discovered In Chicken Nuggets

I guess they didn't get the bone all the way out the damn chicken.

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On Meth Parrot Feathersnarked

A lot of birds (even those with relatively responsible owners) pluck their feathers out of stress, I'm guessing that's what happened here.

IMO big parrots should really never ever be pets. My parents owned one for about 10 years before giving it away. They're smarter than dogs and cats, and if you've never had one it's basically impossible to conceive of how demanding and tough to take care of they can be. People who rescue parrots are saints.

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I'm still holding out hope that "Jacob Bakkila" and "Thomas Bender" will turn out to be some kind of mindwiped cyborg zombies carrying out @horse_ebooks' instructions, like Armitage in "Neuromancer."

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On Ask Polly: Am I Just A Booty Call?

@Danzig! Maybe LW only has like three toes.

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On New York's Saddest Man Celebrated For Acts Of Predictable Vacuity

Maybe partying will help.

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On Tina Brown, 1953 - 2013

Where *is* Bhutan anyway?

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On That Time You Went Outside With No Pants

@SidAndFinancy Eh I found it all pretty sufferable but that's just me I guess

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On Dizzee Rascal, "I Don't Need A Reason"

Remember when dubstep was grime's even-more-inaccessible-and-underground little brother, and even your hippest friends had never heard of Burial or Shackleton? Oof.

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On From Whom Do You Want To Learn About Syria?

Syria Comment/Josh Landis

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On Food Fiends Seek Their Fix: Food

I KNEW this would be a Daily Mail link!

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