On The Case for Drunk Texting Mom

As an occasional Richard Lawson reader throughout the years I don't know why but it surprises me that you're not fully 'out'. Your business, of course, it just seems like it would be hard to "hide" given your public writing?

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On A Harvard Story

@Maxine4Mayor funny, most native new yorkers i know aren't so unimaginative and predictable. also i think you meant 'gis' not 'gps'.

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On A Poem By Michael Comstock

mike comstock!!!!!!!!!!!!
such a beautiful poem and seeing your name here is so great.

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On New York Writer for Left-Wing Website Is Also Homosexual

Oh man, last year a co-worker came out to me in an incredibly earnest, sweet, vulnerable way. He's in his mid-thirties, and I didn't know what to say--just tried to brush him off with a "yeah that's great, let's go find people to bone" and felt really guilty about it later. it's hard to remember that to many it's still a problematic thing to accept/admit/deal with. sorry guy! group hug.

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On "Here is despair, well hidden."

percy's moviegoer was a one of my favorites as a teen, and such an effective counterpoint to southern gothic. his version of disaffection was amazingly nuanced and convincing.

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On Movies I Have Walked Out Of, by Julie Klausner

Rivers and Tides, the Andy Goldsworthy movie. I liked his art well enough before, but have never been able to look at a piece of his since. Some (most) artists should never be allowed to talk about their work.

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On This Long Weekend's Reading, Watching and Thinking

agreed based on this hypothetical. but extreme cases aside, what about when two people have similar qualifications/talents, but one is more arrogant/aggressive/bombastic? i'm in grad school now for architecture, and the differences between gender in attitude are pretty drastic. of course architecture is male-dominated and masculinist, but the amount of self-down my female classmates have compared to the males is shocking, and doesn't seem to be explained by how they're treated by professors/critics. if i were hiring, and had two moderately similar applicants, one of whom was noticeably less aggressive or willing to lay claim to a skill they may not have and another like shirky's boy, i would go with the one more confident/willing to take a risk. and that sucks gender-wise based on his anecdotal evidence and in my own experience.

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