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On That's Who John Boehner Reminds Me Of

John Boehner looks like he is lying even when he's not saying anything. Really, entitled arrogance and narcissism has worn visible lines into the orange skin of his face. What kind of person actually votes for somebody like that?

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Not the puppies. Please let nothing bad happen to the puppies!

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On Where's the Ground Zero Terror Mosque? 39 Experts Explain!

I made the mistake of looking at Pamela Gellers site once. To coin a phrase, never again!

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On The Case Against Gay Marriage, by Ross Douthat, Space Alien

Siphoning a seaman out of the other man's anus sounds like a whole lot of awesome though I'm sure you meant "semen." And it's felching, not fletching.

But I'm sure your point is correct!

Speaking of felching, was Douthat's column an unbelievable dribble of drivel?

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On Very Warm Feelings Had About Mike Bloomberg!

It really pains me to say he gave a really good speech on this issue.

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On 'Time' Regrets To Inform You That We Will Kill These Women

See Dr. Disaster that's why I'm not actually comparing the Taliban to the settlers. The metaphor I was using was about the demonization of the "enemy" providing cover for at least as "demonic" acts by the "good guys."

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On 'Time' Regrets To Inform You That We Will Kill These Women

Oh and PS speaking of RAWA you might want to read this from their site.


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On 'Time' Regrets To Inform You That We Will Kill These Women

The bottom line is you believe the U.S. can be an agent of positive social change in another country and I don't. Your penultimate paragraph is the clincher for me. That word "selfish" is the most glaringly problematic, to which I will throw back at you "naive." Saving "social imperialist" til I know you better.
As for which of us has the slightest idea of what we're talking about, your nostalgia for the glory days of the Afghan monarchy, your conflation of the Taliban and the Warlords, and your apparent ignorance of the U.S. role in thirty years of Afghan destabilization says all I need to know.

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On 'Time' Regrets To Inform You That We Will Kill These Women

C'mon Stalin. My point is that demonizing the Taliban is easy to do but not necessarily the accurate picture of who the real villains are.

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On 'Time' Regrets To Inform You That We Will Kill These Women

Well I'm not trying to compare them but I feel that's a metaphor for the stereotypes you're invoking. When I read diatribes about the barbarity of the Taliban, I think context becomes key. You know the minute I read about women in other countries being oppressed by some kind of culturally-based barbarism I ask what the rates of rape and violence against women are in the U.S.

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