On Lori Carson Has A Book Out

I'm partial to her Stars record (1999), but didn't want to mention that during our interview, in case she secretly hates that one.

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On Nuclear War Is All, "Hey, Remember Me?"

Not to toot my own podcasting horn, but I did a neat episode of The Virtual Memories Show with Ron Rosenbaum, who recently wrote How the End Begins: The Road to a Nuclear World War III. It's over here if you'd like to check it out.

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On Best Guesses At Prince's Email Address

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On Best Guesses At Prince's Email Address

I remember how bummed I was when I found out who mofo.com belonged to. I was SURE it belonged to Prince.

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On My Dark Night Of The Sole

My 40th birthday involved a bunch of aspirational shopping, no dental problems: Got the Time

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On How To Not Be Ezra Klein

@deepomega I know, I know. I just figure he'd make for some fascinating conversation. Esp. if it's with a venue with no Must Sell Product! agenda.

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On How To Not Be Ezra Klein

Well, um ... are you interested in being a guest on my literary podcast, The Virtual Memories Show, sometime? Details and such are at my site and I promise to edit out all the embarrassing stuff.

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On I'm Gonna Get Myself Navy Strength Drunk

Martin Miller gin has been selling a high-proof "Westbourne Strength" version in the U.S. for years now. Old Raj has a high-proof one, too. I'm waiting for one to launch a KTFO version.

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On Shopping for Men: The New Yorker's Complete (and Catty) Guide

I had a pretty awesome/aspirational time in that Tom Ford store on my 40th birthday. That was the same day I found the Auschwitz-couture at Billy Reid on Bond St. . . .

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On Let's Blame The Weather

I'm just glad it's not wintertime blues anymore.

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