On Victoria Grayson's Unfortunate History As A Hamptons Hostess, In Chronological Order

As much as I love this, wasn't it Emily's wine auction? I think Victoria was just hanging out there, she can't take the blame for the planning of that. Just everything else.

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On Today Only: The Awl Is Auditioning New Commenters!

I wish to be the one who complains about the order of lists, starting with this one, in which #4 should CLEARLY be above #2.

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On What's Wrong with the HBO Movie?

There is something very much to the feel of an HBO movie, where it's good, but with lowered expectations. Years ago, I was working at a video store and recommended "Citizen X" to a regular customer. (I still would, it's a pretty good movie.) When she returned it, she told me she thought it was "Okay." I mentioned, "Yeah, it's an HBO movie," to which she replied, "Really? Well, it was really good, then."

Really Good HBO Movie = Okay Theatrical Movie.

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On "Pixels," by Patrick Jean

Just wanted to point out there's a better-looking version of this with sound effects rather than music here:


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