On Wisconsin's Nasty Spring Election: Impartiality with Its Sleeves Rolled

And here in Iowa, the judicial retention vote was just used in November to punish three Iowa Supreme Court justices for voting to overturn the state's law banning same-sex marriage. It was the first time any justice had lost a retention vote since it was enacted in 1968. Millions of dollars ensured that the new governor got to appoint three new right-wing justices.

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On Rich People Difficult to Satisfy, Listen To

But how do they split the check? Insufferably?

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On Andrew Sullivan Predicted the Future of the Internet in 2002

Hathos alert!

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On Grossout Sandwich Underachieves

You take a hot dog, stuff it with some jack cheese, fold it in a pizza...

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On All the Ways That "Waiting for Superman" is a Fraudulent Piece of Propaganda

If we buy the argument that teacher quality accounts for, at most, 20% of educational outcomes (and that seems reasonable to me), then the problem of "solving education" is really the problem of solving poverty. But it's much easier to bemoan bad teachers than it is to take a hard look at the social structures that put kids in poverty in the first place.

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On Beware of Sandra Day O'Connor's Mexican Army!

Here in Iowa they're spending millions in retribution to oust the judges who ruled that the gays have the right to marry.

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On Was The Obama "Daily Show" Thing Ruined By The Audience?


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On This Is My Year To Finally Poison Some Children

Hey, big spender!

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On America Makes Englishwoman Fat

I want to know who can eat like that and gain only seven pounds per year. I've got a glass with her name on it right 'ere.

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On How To Fix A Chili Dog

"Although [Angie Dickinson] was even then a movie star and I was just some dork, she was very nice to me even as she declined to give me her phone number. The point is that she is one of the nice people in the movie industry."

It's like my autobiography.

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