On The Olsen Twins, "Gimme Pizza," The Nightmare Remix

Who needs sleep, anyway?

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On Up Next: The Frito-Lay Math Hour

Ah, I miss the days when young, attractive women dressed like a mom.

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On Random New Yorker: Anthony Mastanduno, Reality TV Director

I think they still have one at the Milwaukee Airport.

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On Kids Totally Know That You're Being Sarcastic

Isn't that ironic! (Doncha think?)

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On What John Mayer Did On His Summer Vacation

To be fair, it was only his penis that was actually racist.

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On Amazing Lindsay Lohan Jail/Rehab Video!!!

Who caught the Lady Gaga "Telephone" reference at 0:26? Because, uh, I didn't.

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On Knave Out-Scoundreled By Crafty Sign-Writing Victim

This case will eventually be settled out of court for one consequence-free glassing and/or knifing.

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On The Walking Is Over For Local Man Who Always Walked

Here in Des Moines, ours wears a jaunty beret and is unreasonably muscular.

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On What It's Really Like To Be A Copy Editor

That is exactly the question I wanted to ask, too! I can't make up my mind what I think about them!

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On Please Don't Get The Wrong Idea About Our Amazing Output

R. Ocksuck? What kind of name is that?!

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