Peter Serafinowicz: Inside "Running Wilde's" Too-Short Run

Peter Serafinowicz is not a household name here in the States, but he's been a major part of Britain's comedy scene for years. In addition to appearing in beloved shows such as Spaced, I'm Alan Partridge, Little Britain and The IT Crowd, he also created and starred in both Look Around You and The Peter Serafinowicz Show. But his first major introduction to American audiences was in Mitchell Hurwitiz's short-lived followup to Arrested Development, Running Wilde. READ MORE

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The 'Arrested Development' Movie Is a Lousy Idea and It's Your Fault

Ron Howard has casually tossed some fuel on the Arrested Development movie fire by talking about how Mitch Hurwitz is totally going to make it now: READ MORE

Where To Watch TV (And Where Not To)

These days, you can watch TV pretty much anywhere. Be it on your actual TV, on your laptop, on your phone or on a tablet, they've made it pretty easy to entertain yourself wherever you are. But with all that freedom comes responsibility: responsibility to watch TV only when and where is appropriate. Let me help. READ MORE

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(Some of) Our All-Time Favorite 'Simpsons' Episodes

It's pretty much impossible to pick one favorite Simpsons episode. Try it! You'll think of one, but then immediately a half-dozen others will spring to mind that you can't imagine not putting in that top spot. There are just so many classic episodes! READ MORE

What the Hell Is Up with Alec Baldwin's Wegmans Commercials?

Alec Baldwin is rich and famous and has absolutely no need to do crappy, low-budget local commercials. But his mom loves upstate NY supermarket Wegmans! So of course, he did a couple of weirdly lousy ads for them. It's like they're a joke! But they aren't, as there are no punchlines. The first one is above, and here's the second: READ MORE

Note From A Fanboy, by Adam Frucci: Ideas For Conan!

Conan O'Brien really might leave The Tonight Show. He's taken the high road with that letter that you've surely read by now, and good for him. Maybe he'll walk. Is that so bad? Conan's brief run on The Tonight Show has not been great, and I say that as an enthusiast. READ MORE