On Advertising New World Order Collapses

I for one, am grateful.

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On Empathy

Beautifully realized. Thank you.

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On Tiny Fingers Make Fast, Delightful Work

At some point I read an article about how the industry hiring child labor was under scrutiny and pink slipped all their tiny employees. Great! The parents put many of them in child prostitution rings. I then threw up my hands and bought a sweater at the Gap. Maybe it was propaganda. Voting with my dollars is hard.

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On Our Billionaire Philanthropists

thank you!

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On 22 Awesome Last-Minute Thanksgiving Recipes

You know I never had the Oceanspray canned stuff, just store brand. I really try to get it out so the ribs of the can still show. Also, I made the pie crust. Sporadic Awl commenter's first pie.

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On 'Breaking Dawn': The Dress, The Vampire, the Fetus and the Headboard

The movie can't possibly be better than this commentary. Solid.

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On "Menstrual Synchrony" Would Not Be A Good Name For A Band

You'll never be People's Sexiest with that sort of talk. Right?

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On A Truly Terrible Story

I heard about that terrible judge from a Micheal Moore documentary. As problematic as he is, he's helped radicalized my factory worker formerly Republican father.

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On Some Revised Tourism Slogans

I would like to make out with you for that last line. Don't worry, I'm a good kisser.

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On Steve Jobs, Dead at 56

So this morning I was all frustrated about my linux system I just switched to. My geek bf who's been holding my hand through the transition said, "You know Linux doesn't have a relentless man like Steve Jobs constantly demanding an entire engineering team to refine the usability of it's programs." He then got real quiet for a second and said, "And it's likely that Apple won't continue now that he's gone." Interesting changes are afoot for geeks, gadget-fiends and designers in fancy glasses. I'll drink to that.

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