On Format Embraced

Most of this hatred comes from a now-flawed idea:
It used to be that vertical movies were encoded as horizontal, losing all the resolution. For instance, a 640x480 video recorded vertically would only be using 1/3 of the 640x480 field of view.

This is no longer the case! A vertical movie is now 480x640 (obviously larger depending on resolution). Most people hold their phones and tablets vertically. If you don't you are an inhuman psychopath. You then get to watch the video at full resolution in the preferred holding position!

Desktop PCs and laptops are quickly becoming extinct, so get with the program. The fact that a bunch of basement-dwelling neckbeards that watch youtube on desktop computers mostly obscured by mountain dew cans and empty pizza boxes are annoyed at black bars around the edges should not discourage anybody. Carry on, telephone people that hold them properly!

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On Bob Dylan, "Like A Rolling Stone"


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On Bagels, In Order

If anybody disagrees with this list anymore than maybe swapping a few places, you need to get the fuck out of New York City.

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On A Life-Changing Invention: The In-Window Cat Litter Box

@271044602@twitter Hahaha you think we have views?

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On The Park Slope Food Coop Board Of Directors Race Is On And It Is Hot!

@jbsquare Or a brilliant covert reference to Ted Kennedy's presidential run.

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On The Park Slope Food Coop Board Of Directors Race Is On And It Is Hot!

Is it too late to join and run on an anarchist platform?

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On The Complete Glossary of Hipster Hallmarks

I love that you included the dates next to each entry. I made a game of just reading the terms and then guessing the date. I was always off by about 8-10 years. Which makes sense since this is based on the NYT.

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On Poisonous Monkey Thing Found Somewhere, Is Already Endangered

Sadly, the thing they do with the slow lorises is they remove all their teeth with pliers before they're sold as pets.

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On To All Neil Young's Friends

Welp. fuck. *Opens iTunes* Here goes an all day long Neil Young binge.

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On So Many Kinds of Rape Now

What's fucked up is that all of this talk about rape/abortions just normalizes the idea that a woman needs to be brutally raped or dying in order to get an abortion. Like as if abortion is already illegal apart from certain exceptions.

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