On Knifecrime Island Also Land of Drink Death

Choire, I am both fascinated and flummoxed by this graph. Going to the BBC article and then to the government report has not resolved my state of flummoxation (flummoxicity? flummoxness? Whatever.)

I can buy the increase in liver disease in the UK, based on 1) longer pub hours, 2) the higher strength of local beer and the increased intake of wine and spirits, and 3) the UK picking up its pace of going to hell in a handbasket (read: increasing binge drinking by youth).

However, how the heck does one explain the plummeting observations of liver disease in France, Italy, and Spain? I just can't square this circle. Has liver disease run out of victims there (having already killed off most of the people who would end up on this chart)? Did aliens begin abducting health survey clerks from the Garlic Belt starting in 1980? Do we see proof here of extremist rants that Muslims have overrun Europe?

My head hurts, and I don't even drink.

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On You're Damn Right There's A G-Spot

Agreed. I would rather help them root around for their G-spot with my personal laboratory equipment than merely ask them about it.

PS When asked, many probably responded, "No G-spot, please, we're British."

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On Gawker Media Moves To Uniques: Be "Even More of a Hustler," Says Nick Denton

They're attacking me for the glorious equine humor I trot out every time they post something about Sarah Jessica Parker. (I got my star back only after Richard Lawson posted "Sarah Jessica Parker Looks Like a Horse.")

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