On Sex Regrets: What Kind Do You Have?

There's "requires therapy" regret and there's "won't friend on Facebook" regret and there's "wish I had ordered the salmon" regret.

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On What Is Neither Long Nor Short?

If only someone had similar clarity regarding Circa and Quartz.

[goes back to using the web]

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On Every Drink Could Be Your Last

That happened in a bar on Ave C once, except we called an ambulance which never showed up and closing time came so we superglued him shut and went home. Simpler times.

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On Every Teen Should Have Their Phone Taken Away RIGHT NOW, SERIOUSLY, NOW

It's their job! Adolescents use whatever authority-free space they can find to make mistakes so they can figure themselves out.

The survivors will be fine.

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On The Adults Kids Fear

@joeclark All in homage to Facebook

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On One Of The Best Rock Albums Of All Time Returns Tomorrow

I can remember it all.

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On Our Hawaiian President Winning War On Birds

@Non-Anonymous https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ahyqg-11dCs

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On U MAD??? Evgeny Morozov, The Internet, And The Failure Of Invective

*tips chapeau*

I love Deep Awl

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On When Is A Media Model A Revolution, And When Is It A Unicorn?


An Awl with less deer butchering ads and more credit card forms.

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