On Are White People Aliens? Canadian Says Yes.

This'd be funny if it wasn't brought on by dementia. Sigh.

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On Who Wants To See A Fatberg?

@LondonLee A 5 year old episode, to be specific.


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On Inside The Chive

Wait, wait, wait. This was a terrible french movie that came out a few years ago made by a bunch of electro heads, with an awesome soundtrack.

The film is about a gang called the CHIVERS or something that beats up unpopular kids at their school.



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On Now We Have So Many Bike Racks And No Bikes

Your neighbors may be peering at them but my concern with this program in NYC is my neighbors peeing on them.

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On 'Friends' Creator: There Will Be No Reunion, Get On With Your Empty Life

"...also, we finally realized not everybody in NY is white."

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On Horsemeat Scandal "Breathtaking, Delicious" Say British Politicians

I must now joyfully but obligatorily point out that this is a post relevant to my name.

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On Why You Should Not Use Twitter For Corporate Customer Service: A Cautionary Tale

"...as I saw a friend with over a million followers do a few weeks after my own Twitter disaster."

I'll be waiting for the sequel post about why we shouldn't blog-shame our friends for twitter faux pas.

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On David Mamet Reaches New Low

And here I was assuming the reason people are paying attention to his plays all of a sudden was that he died.

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On Accounts of Heaven Severely Contradictory

This depresses me in the same way as NBC commercials that announce how many tens of millions of people are watching the awful, awful show.

There are so so so many of them and they're reproducing at a much faster rate than we are.

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On Consider The Urban Woodsman

I also find it helps to have a $250 glass dome with a piece of moss under it on your unfinished wood furniture, and either a skull or a pair of antlers on the wall.

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