On Burn It Down: The New Terrible Million-Dollar Brooklyn Apartment

I honestly don't find this so insane. Having a back yard and a basement in NYC is pretty uncommon.
Also, if I lived there it'd be 15 by 10 feet of HUGE FISH TANK in the basement.

NOTE--I am, admittedly, part of the problem.

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On Why Should I Pay Taxes On These Imaginary Lottery Winnings?

Scrooge got his money honestly. The only person he ripped off along the way was a voodoo chieftain, afterward he suffered for years from a hex.

He's very stingy about paying employees, though.

So no, he probably wouldn't do any of the things you suggest at the end.

Everybody here should do themselves a favor and read Don Rosa's Life and Times of Scrooge McDuck. It is awesome.

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On Man Expounds

I was fortunate enough to have him as a college graduation speaker just before the last election.

Incredibly eloquent guy. Actually had me wanting to vote for his wife for a couple of weeks after the speech.

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On Word Mispronounced

Bichir. Admittedly I probably use it more than your average person.

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On Life: How Much Longer Do You Have To Keep Doing It?

For every metaphorical line life throws you in there is a metaphorical flying entertainment pig.

Cheer up!

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On Malls Ailing

A chapter of Americana I don't mind seeing end.

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On And Here I Thought They Were So Tolerant!

In a way, it's more telling that over 1/3 of Republicans have no clue what a Sikh is.

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On Local Writer Doesn't Actually Form Opinions With Her Womb

@Jeremy Mesiano-Crookston Ever been to Jezebel? We got them to shut off their comments once.

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On Local Writer Doesn't Actually Form Opinions With Her Womb

The real outrage here is the use of "blow job". It's one word, damnit. When will people convert? Blowjob! So much more appealing.

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On Jane Fonda's Bizarre, Magnificent Spread in ¡Hola!

She looks like she's about to make parrot s'mores.

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