On Memes and Misogynoir

@Other Alice Okay, Dude, critical engagement with this text is clearly not your intention, but I'd love to hear your point if you have one... (Also, aren't you co-opting the format of #yesallwomen here (like a lot of trolls) to dismiss my point, thus marginalizing AND making a joke of #yesallwomen while also refusing to engage in thoughtful dialogue of any kind?)

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On Memes and Misogynoir

@happymisanthrope Right but when you present a carefully researched argument, you have to qualify it or people (like me?) get confused and the argument suffers. I think it's important to define both what you are and you are not talking about because the way it's written this can be alienating for people who don't hold an apparent blanket intellectual dismissal of memes or web-based social humor; which is certainly not racist A to Z. It weakens the argument, that's all I'm saying.

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On Memes and Misogynoir

I am convinced by your thesis, but I wish you would qualify this a little. All memes are not misogynoiristic, and laughing at people black and white who do hilarious things on the news is not inherently racist or forcing a performance to reinforce the master/slave dichotomy. I think there are arguable examples of this and am grateful for you pointing some out in this article, but that can't be an accurate catchall for memes across the board.

Memes aren't the problem, they just "are"...the internet and memes are just tools, and particular communities are certainly guilty of everything you argue here but others are not; anyway, rambling, this was a great read, thanks....

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