On Second-Graders Explain The 24 Stages Of True Love

@polydactyl I understand how it could be problematic, but don't most 7 year olds know about sex because that's where babies come from?

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On My Undivided Attention

@forget it i quit My father was diagnosed a couple months ago (at 53) and it never posed a huge problem for him because he was in software engineering and IT management. This only came about because I was scared he was developing Alzheimer's and also he has a tremor on his hand. Turns out he's fine, just ADHD.

I think you should get a second opinion just because you never know how much better you find yourself with the diagnosis/treatment. I've got an evaluation with a psychologist in less than two hours, I'd rather know and be able to deal with it.

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On Understanding What Ladies May Not Wear to Prom

@jolie Yeah, why does The Hairpin get editing function and The Awl doesn't? Equality now!

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On Understanding What Ladies May Not Wear to Prom

@Multiphasic There's people who consider their vagina and urethra to be one hole? An almost-cloaca of sorts? I was thinking maybe the 9th was the navel.

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On Cross-Eyed Opossum Closes Crossed Eyes Forever

@m4broadband sup

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On How To Kill A Fly

I use 409 on all creepy crawlies. Especially centipedes, which terrify my cat.

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On What I Learned in Two Years at the Tea Party

"Judeo-Christian" makes zero sense. Have you met any Jews involved? Or are you just quoting their conservative talking points?

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On Was Aaron Swartz Stealing?

@David I like the Copyright Librarian's comparison better:

"Maybe a better comparison story would be this: someone goes to an open-to-the-public library, and starts taking lots of journals off the shelves and photocopying them. The library staff asks this Someone to stop, because he's making it hard for the other patrons to use the journals, and because he's copying in such volume that they have some copyright concerns (yeah, yeah, I don't want libraries to be the copyright police. But the 17 U.S.C. § 108 limitations on libraries' liability for patron copying don't really protect libraries from known large-scale questionable use of their resources, and we're talking some pretty darn large-scale photocopying.) Someone persists in the copying, so much so that the journals are all unusably out of order (JSTOR's servers allegedly overloaded), the copiers break (MIT's network allegedly got stressed), and the journal distributors even refuse to deliver new issues until the library does more to stop this Someone's copying (JSTOR turned off service to the whole MIT campus for multiple days, eventually.) Nevertheless, this Someone still wants to copy, so he breaks in to the library at night to continue going about his business. And no one sues him for copyright infringement, and the distributors and the library let things drop when he finally knocks it off. But the prosecutors step in and bring charges against him for messing up the journals, breaking the copiers, and breaking in to the library."

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On Was Aaron Swartz Stealing?

Okay. I have to say that I'm honestly disappointed, since you don't actually state what happened or what's involved in the charges. (Keep in mind that this criticism isn't unique to *this* article, there seems to be a dire lack of factual information floating around about this case.) I defer to the Copyright Librarian, who lays out the facts and misconceptions very clearly.

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On Watch A Jumping Spider Dance To Impress A Prospective Mate And Name A Newly Discovered Species

@BadUncle Wow, I once almost got pregnant from something like that happening!

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