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On The U.S. Open Is Here! Let's Talk Tennis

@Mr. B What a burden.

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On Man Drinks From Jar

Probably good that they edited out the part where jar-drinking guy scalds his hand on thermal-conductive-friendly glass that's filled with hot coffee.

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On Steal This Occupy Wall Street

@IBentMyWookie She's at the top of my "Make Hate To" list.

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On A Supposedly True Thing Jonathan Franzen Said About David Foster Wallace

The NY Times appended a correction to Wallace's Federer essay. So all of this obviously has to be true.

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On If 'The Simpsons' Ends Will You Care?

The worst episode from the depths of the worst season of The Simpsons (probably somewhere in the mid teens) is still better than most of the crap on network TV. And the last couple of seasons have had some great episodes here and there - ones with more than a touch of the golden age in them.

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On If Porn Stars Can't Teach in Schools, What Will Become of America?

Two of my pals flew in to Cuba a few years ago and had the same thing happen to them, with a similar non-reaction from the people around them, as though the SMOKE that was billowing into the cabin was a common occurrence. Interesting note -- they said the plane they were on was some old Russian jet from the 60s.

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On Handy List Of Cancer-Causers

@iantenna And I have that shit as a last name. Does that mean I already have cancer?

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On 27 TV Shows They Killed Too Early, In Order of Heartbreak

@Miles Klee Disparaging the boot is a bootable offense!

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On Niall Ferguson: Hack

@Drew Robertson well, congrats on a perfectly prejudiced reply.

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On Niall Ferguson: Hack

I agree that he's questionable as a political talking head. But as a historian, different story... very much enjoyed the Ascent of Money on PBS: http://www.pbs.org/wnet/ascentofmoney/about/about-niall-ferguson/12/

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