On Do Not Roast the Squash

After my roasted squash debacle last Thanksgiving, I appreciate this very much.

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On Andrea Dworkin, Men's Rights Advocate

@Choire Sicha "It seems fine to me to take what's valuable from some thinkers and reject the rest."

Please continue to beat that drum.

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On Introducing... Shirterate

You don't take Bitcoin? Jesus H.

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On Ask Polly: How to Be Nice

I love you Polly. Just coming here to say it.

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On A Postcard from San Francisco

Just what L.A. needs; an influx of Bay Area assholes to supplement the Hollywood ones.

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On A Postcard from San Francisco

@heather wagner: Seriously, I had to stop and think about that one. What is blowjob weather?

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On Kanye West And His "Thirty White Bitches"

@yunkstahn Well played.

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On Ditz, Lightweight, Mooncalf, Naïf: The Second-Class Status Of Stevie Nicks

Thank you for writing this. I've been saying it for years!

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On Welcome To The New American Housing Bubble (In Coastal Elite Cities)

I'm kind of, sort of in the market in LA, and ugh. While it's not as bad as SF, it's pretty nuts. And even if we're still in a bubble, will houses in the city proper ever really depreciate? In the valley and inland empire, sure. But everywhere else just seems to slowly continue to gentrify.

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On Advice Is Futile

@Niko Bellic Yeah, it's the gut. One of my favorite lines from High Fidelity (the movie, I actually haven't read the book), was when the John Cusack character recaps his romantic history and then is like, "I'm beginning to think my guts are full of shit." That's basically how I feel, so maybe I fall into the category of bad decision makers? Can that be cured? That's what the agonizing is all about.

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