On Perfect Tarte Tatin in 10 Easy Steps

Which browser do you guys use? It sounds like that may be what's causing your troubles.

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On Understatement: "The Harry Potter books are not rebellious."

@hershmire Shut up, Draco.

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On Who Wants to Buy Joss Whedon's "Much Ado About Nothing" with Me?

He's a billion-dollar movie director now. He could probably chip in for the other 99.2% all by himself, especially given his recent Marvel deal.

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On Ben Affleck Is 40

@BadUncle Sour grapes? He's been one for 14 years now.

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On Our Healthcare Delivery System Is Just Fine Thank You

@BadUncle It isn't. I already checked.

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On Kim Kardashian Meditates On Death

@Reginal T. Squirge Lil Wayne is actually quite smart! I know that from watching The Apprentice.

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On How to Not Work on Fridays

@deepomega Living the dream!

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On How to Not Work on Fridays

@Mount_Prion You mean Choire Snow.

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On Laughing Malady Not So Funny

I have forgotten what laughter even is.

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On Scholar Finds The Fact That Mitt Romney Somehow Got To Be A Presidential Candidate Totally Amazing

It's McLuhan, not McCluhan.

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