On Vancouver's Supervised Drug Injection Center: How Does It Work?

thank you for this x

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On Buying The Bottom Shelf: An Adventure In Cheap Liquor

@jolie I have the lady parts and I was invited to the tasting but bailed due to too much tasting the night before. SORRY THAT I RUINED THE CHEAP LIQUOR GUIDE FOR WOMANKIND. But: I asked a bartender once what the cheapest whiskey was that was also good, and he told me Jameson. If I'd been there, I'd have said that. Okay! I look forward to your ice recommendations! Ice and wine!

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On Living La VIDA Loca (Sorry)

thank you for writing this emily! i feel empowered by your response to this news, which, as you said, is not news. i, also, would much rather write for (and, ahem, read) the new york review of emily books.

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On Survey Says! The Complete Online Dating Advice Guide For Women

@jolie i'm not sure how that could have POSSIBLY HAPPENED, as we only used The Most Scientific Survey Sorting Methods Available Today (TM)

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On "Dear Sugar" Has a Coming-Out Party in San Francisco

I'm glad the world didn't end when Sugar came out. Also, I'm happy for Cheryl to get hers. Vogue it UP.

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On Pay For Play: Blog Investing as "Hush Money"

As always, Brian distilled this issue pretty well last night. Here are a few of his crucial tweets, in reverse chron:
@blam @joeljohnson it's not ok or not ok. it just makes sense and no one should be surprised. it's boring to be surprised by it. obvious.
@blam If you don't get why @arrington @parislemon invest you have a shallow understanding of power. But they can't attack others $ motives either
@blam there are few actual story arcs in technology news. People play make believe like Gi joes

More here

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On Why Should We Demonstrate? A Conversation

Also: In the case that you read Abe's or Sam's comments and thought: WTF is GOTV? Did they both try to abbreviate "government" and make the exact same typo?! I, too, had that thought, and can save you the trouble of Googling it by telling you it stands for "Get Out The Vote." Which, oh, duh. But there you go! Get out the vote! Yes! Get it out!

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On Why Should We Demonstrate? A Conversation

@WaityKatie Sam and I both thank you for your clarification! The labor movement is also something I'm woefully under-informed on, so you know, if you ever want to explain it to someone .. hit me up.

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On Ashton Kutcher And The Hot-Tub-Worthy Divorce Machine

Sarah Miller, I think you're fantastic. GOLD STAR.

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On This NYC Cop Rape Case Is the Worst

I'd agree. But sadly, it's rare to see that outrage in print, accompanied by a man's byline. That's one reason I <3 Choire.

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