On How Much More Does Taking The Subway Cost Today?

I'm conflicted. Living at the top of the system (R-dale, represent!) I'm more than willing to pay extra to head downtown. But I'm a lot less inclined to to pay $5 to run local errands. Maybe the time has come to initiate distance-pricing like the London Tube. It would be a logistical nightmare but a lot more fair. However, if it prevents people from riding the bus 1 stop (a personal petpeeve) the farehike may be okay. Eliminate lazy riders through prohibitive price plans!

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On People Most Likely To Die In 2012, According To A Death Pool

As GM would say if he were an esteemed Awl commenter: CCCCCCCCome ON!

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On People Continue To Be Unsmart

Not only is Letmein a bad password, but it's also unbelievably needy.

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On Nice Lillards Finish Last

I think a lot of former second bananas have made bad movies to pay the rent but Lillard seems better suited to sitcom work than films. I wouldn't say he's extremely talented but he kind of reminds me of my last gasp of youth in the mid 90's so it's nice to see him again.

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On My Superpower Is Being Alone Forever: Party of One

I'm not straight... but I'd think that not recognizing the fierce on-stage chemistry of Annie Lennox would be a dating deal-breaker.

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On Ralph Macchio is 50

Well, he'll always be jail-bait to me... Like little Jeremy Andretti!

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On The Shortening Lifespan of the American Movie Theater

I make a point to see 1-2 films a week. Typically, I'm one of the few audience members. I attribute this to the fact that I seek out relatively obscure movies (The Family Tree, anyone?). I tend to attend shows midweek afternoons, more often than not sitting in an empty theater. So I'm that schmuck paying $13.50 to sit by himself in the dark. Sometimes I feel I'm singlehandedly supporting indies.

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On When The Numbers Drop

To state the obvious, most music "fans" now listen to the albums on streaming services like Spotify rather than pony up the 20 bucks. I used to practically live at Tower. I haven't bought a CD since '07!

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On The Commodification of Occupy Wall Street is On!

Can't wait to find out what happens when people stop being polite... and start getting civilly disobedient!

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On Selling Out: The Joys of Adult Indie Easy Listening

@BadUncle That reminds me of the time that I heard a Muzak version of "Welcome to the Pleasuredome" at Wanamaker's. Good God I'm old.

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