On You're Damn Right There's A G-Spot

I know where the g-spot is. And it's, in my experience, overrated. But, now here's the shocker, that could be because each woman is wired differently. I know, crazy idea. Still, humor me. Every other woman I've talked to has different experiences with it. The problem comes in assuming that it absolutely has to be the same on every single woman. I've been in agony so many times during sex because my partner didn't believe me about something and I was too nice to try to persuade them otherwise.

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On You're Damn Right There's A G-Spot

Not surprisingly when I attempted to use one of those said tampons before I had sex, I had the worst time getting it out. Never used one again until after sex. It was definitely still there. Ow.

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On The End of the 00s: When the Geeks Took Over, by John Sellers

I truly felt sorry for that kid when I saw that video.

Then I saw the remix that someone did of it:


What better way to stand up for a fellow geek than to remix their embarrassing video and make them look bad ass?

Why yes, yes I am a geek girl.

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