On The Yankees Are Treating Derek Jeter Rather Shabbily

Agreed on the painful part, especially the mention of "intangibles" since it has become the rallying cry for sportswriting hacks who are upset that their subjective valuations of players have been trumped by things like statistics that, you know, actually measure a player's value.

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On The Pavement Central Park Gigs Are Finally Upon Us: Do You Know Where Your Tickets Are?

Actually, it's in the one green plastic folder with all of my VERY IMPORTANT THINGS.

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On The Pavement Central Park Gigs Are Finally Upon Us: Do You Know Where Your Tickets Are?

I stapled mine directly onto my chest. Of course, I then realized I couldn't take a shower for an entire year. This led to the further revelation that in a year's time, I would be indistinguishable from most Pavement fans.

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On Mike's Says Please "Ice a Bro" with Us!

I Pickle Backed a bro and now he lives in Brooklyn.

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On Mike's Says Please "Ice a Bro" with Us!

I Kamikazed a bro and now I'm dead (but so is he!).

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On Real America: "Red Dawn" Remade: China is Coming for Our Children

I haven't read War Without Mercy, so at the risk of completely misinterpreting your response... I don't agree that China is a passive subject, as least when you include its government. I am having trouble differentiating between the prevailing image of China put forth by the Chinese government itself, and what you say is the Sinophobic view of China advanced by the American media. (Note: I'm only referring to the "indistinguishable and interchangeable multitudes" and not the whole "Shangri-La of dragons, mysticism and sideways vaginas" aspect of Sinophobia, for which the Chinese government is blameless and we are entirely culpable. But your focus here is of course mostly on that first part) I do agree that either way, this image is damaging to Chinese (and Chinese American) people, but rooting it out of the American consciousness will require more than removing the Sinophobic attitudes present in the media, since it isn't entirely to blame.

I'll basically concede that point to you on the tainted toys (that sentence probably shouldn't have made it into my comment). However, I do think there is a certain degree of freedom the media should be given in a case such as this in terms of being pragmatic about reporting about tainted toys, where childrens' health is the issue and the only risk is that a certain toy might not sell as well, and all of the information about the product has not yet become available (whereas nobody should ever be given any degree of freedom with regards to racial profiling). This is a separate issue altogether though (and I don't remember the reporting on those toys well enough to present a more cogent view).

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On Real America: "Red Dawn" Remade: China is Coming for Our Children

While I agree that the Red Dawn remake is a bit horrifying, I feel the need to raise a few points of contention with other aspects of this article.

Most importantly, to me at least, it seems as though the Chinese government actively attempts to create (and put forth an image of) a nation of "indistinguishable and interchangeable multitudes" (although obviously not to the degree that one who is Sinophobic would probably believe). What else is the purpose of repressing free speech and dissidence, not allowing a free press, making sections of the internet inaccessible to the public, etc.? The Chinese government actively discourages individualism (and I think, in some cases, is fairly successful)! We can even use an example from the Olympics! Remember when Chinese officials replaced a SEVEN YEAR OLD girl singing in the opening ceremonies with a "prettier" one, who then lip synced? How else can that be construed other than attempting to whitewash (OK, that word is very Anglo-Saxon, but I'm not sure there's a better verb to use) the faces of its people! What are we supposed to think!? Also, I'm somewhat sure (but not sure or well-informed enough to confidently state) that the current government has a history of actively promoting widespread cultural homogeneity (i.e. Mandarin as the "official" language) and being hostile towards any cultural diversity (at least, its treatment of the Tibetans seems to be an apt example). I guess that all of these (I hope) facts make me more forgiving to whatever subset of the US population (who obviously cannot all visit China and see for themselves) believes that it indeed is made up of an "indistinguishable horde."

And briefly...

The point about invasive species is completely irrelevant (as others have mentioned). And of course invasive species from Europe are never mentioned! N.A. and Europe have been exchanging species for centuries!

You also seem to ignore the fact that there was some legitimate criticism of China's handling of the Olympics included with the more Sinophobic-leaning commentary as well (beyond lip syncing seven year olds) such as the eviction and bulldozing of the homes and businesses of many of it's citizens: http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2008/07/11/AR2008071102766.html

Lastly, weren't there also a lot of suspected tainted products from China that were found to be, you know, ACTUALLY TAINTED? That might be the reason the media seemed ready to believe Zsu Zsu pets were tainted as well. Doesn't the media have the responsibility to disseminate that information as quickly as possible in the interest of public safety in case the product does turn out to be toxic (even if they did overdo the made in China part)?

Anyway, interesting article at least.

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On The End of the 00s: Why Did We Not Appreciate 2007?, by Sara Vilkomerson

2005 was also a particularly excellent year. It might not be quite as weighty at the top as 2007, but still, lots of good to great stuff (in approx. descending order):

Brokeback Mountain
The New World
Grizzly Man
A History of Violence
Good Night and Good Luck
Match Point
The Squid and the Whale

Broken Flowers
Me and You and Everyone We Know
Batman Begins
Pride & Prejudice
The Constant Gardener
Cinderella Man
Walk the Line
Corpse Bride
Wallace & Gromit
Hustle & Flow
King Kong


And yet the cinematic abortion that is Crash won Best Picture, ugh.

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