On Ask Polly: I Want to Get Laid But I'm Afraid of Oppressing Women

Maybe he doesn't really want to be with a woman?

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On 28 Years with Weird Al

Beautiful story, I teared up at the end.

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On Ask Polly: You Are Not Uniquely Fucked

Polly columns are the best part of the Awl — which says A LOT — and I'm always excited to read them and bawl.

I cry from recognizing over and over how more alike we are than different.

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On Ask Polly: My Boyfriend Thinks I'm Clingy and This Terrifies Me

Cryface from the bottom of paragraph 6 all the way down.

What a special kind of relief this post was.

Polly, you just explained SO MUCH to me.

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On Are You Useful to Anyone?

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On Are You Useful to Anyone?

beautifully written review.

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On A Novel for the End of the (Publishing) World

You just have to actually do your work. Boom.

Off to google Emma. She sounds interesting!

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On Ask Polly: How Can I Stop Being a Shut In Once and for All?

Tears reading this. Thank you LW. Heather, please do this as long as you possibly can!

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On A Poem by Alexander Chee


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On Ask Polly: I Have Absolutely No Idea What I Need to Be Happy

Heather, you are a treasure.

LW, thank you for writing. I hope you got the same clarity I did.

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