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Noah Kulwin

Most Recently: What a Pack of Cigarettes Costs, State By State

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What a Pack of Cigarettes Costs, State By State

Every year, we check the prices of cigarettes in all fifty legally recognized states of this fair Union. (Previously: 2013; 2012; 2011.) Predictably, the results are mostly—but not entirely!—grim: for the first time in the short history of this survey, not a single store in any state state offered us a pack of cigarettes for less than five dollars. So do smoke them, if you happen to have them, since nothing is ever going to get better. READ MORE

Conflict Apps

Red Alert: Israel is currently the second-most downloaded news app in the US, just below Yahoo. A selection of reviews from the App Store: READ MORE

Thelonious Martin, "No Raps On Sunday (Sample Edition)"

Radioactive pavement, half-naked bodies, the fan you forgot to pay for at that stoop sale last summer whirring uselessly at the foot of the bed, the moisture from a cold can of beer staining your countertop as you swat at yourself with the Duane Reade coupon that came in the mail, and this song, from Chicago beatmaker Thelonious Martin.

From the Annals of Narrishkeit

Covering the Yiddish beat at the New York Times is no easy task, as everywhere a New York Times reporter walks there's something Yiddish happening. READ MORE

Alex G, "DSU"

Do you ever want to hear an album that sounds like the good parts of being young? You know, cutting band class and hanging out behind Dunkin’ Donuts, trying to look cool while smoking Marlboro reds? Here’s the latest album from Alex G, a Philadelphia-based cat who Fader called last month the “Internet’s best secret songwriter.” You can find the rest of his music here.

Cures for Afflicted Children

In an age of disease, child labor has consequences. An eleven-year-old tasked with cleaning the bathrooms at LeConte Elementary School came down with whooping cough as a result, according to his mother. As she points out, “bathrooms are health hazards,” particularly ones in elementary schools, which are essentially factories that specialize in the production of terrible and exotic diseases. READ MORE