Dare2Share Worldview Characters, In Order Of Their Likelihood To Put Out

14. Jordan the Jehovah's Witness READ MORE

Expanding The 'Human Centipede' Franchise

Apparently Dutch film writer/director Tom Six wasn't content to make only one sick horror flick about multiple people sewn together to share a single digestive tract. A sequel to his 2010 film The Human Centipede is now in the works-this time featuring 12 people joined ass-to-mouth, instead of just three. So he plans to supersize the human centipede! What could be more impressively American than that-especially coming from a Dutch guy? READ MORE

30 eHow Articles in Ascending Order of Usefulness

30. How to Laugh Like Whoopi Goldberg READ MORE

Today in Facebook Status Updates: Who’s Got a Buttplug?

Many Facebook users like to illuminate dark corners of their lives, casting light where the sun rarely shines. They keep us plugged in to so many aspects of their daily existence! And thanks to recent changes Facebook made to its default privacy settings, they may be plugging in more of us than they bargained for. READ MORE

Today in Facebook Status Updates: Who’s Masturbating Now?

Thanks to the glory of the Internet, you can now learn more than just what your Facebook friends are up to; you can also get intimate updates on the lives of total strangers. Your Open Book uses theFacebook API to enable anyone to search all public status updates by keywords. And given that Facebook changed its privacy settings last December to make all status updates visible to the entire Internet by default (unless users changed them back a more restricted setting), most Facebook status updates these days are probably public ones-whether the people who posted them know it or not. READ MORE

Tiger Woods: Too Soon!

Dear Washington Post, READ MORE

Nine Fine Wikipedia Entries, on the Occasion of Its Ninth Birthday

Wikipedia commingles inane and profound topics willy-nilly, most always with equal weight and seriousness of tone. Cataloging everything under the sun with such seriousness of purpose and attention to detail is an amazing endeavor. The excerpts that follow are both very silly and very informative. The complete entries on "Deep-fried Mars Bar" and "Exploding Whale," for example, are each almost as long and serious in tone as the entry on "Immanuel Kant." They highlight the oddity and incongruity and wonder of the whole enterprise. What's more, these excerpts are proof that Wikipedia is most likely the most positive development in the history of our extremely troublesome Internet. READ MORE

A Very Christmas Listicle Without Commentary: The Best 85 Words Ending In -icle, In Order

85. listicle

84. cubicle

83. charticle

82. bernicle

81. funicle

80. reticle

79. appendicle

78. cornicle

77. follicle

76. caulicle

75. bursicle

74. article

73. fairnyticle

72. sicle

71. conventicle

70. radicle

69. lenticle

68. isicle

67. fascicle

66. fairniticle

65. disconventicle

64. adminicle

63. fernyticle

62. fernticle

61. pedicle

60. curricle

59. ridicle

58. verticle

57. sanicle

56. auricle

55. cuticle

54. vernicle

53. particle

52. versicle

51. caudicle

50. thesicle

49. pneumoventricle

48. panicle

47. infraclavicle

46. silicle

45. pannicle

44. calicle

43. ferniticle

42. proventricle

41. monticle

40. clavicle

39. perpendicle

38. pendicle

37. sphericle

36. tunicle

35. subarticle

34. ossicle

33. cicatricle

32. microparticle

31. rusticle

30. interparticle

29. spiricle

28. denticle

27. utricle

26. postclavicle

25. chronicle

24. pellicle

23. cementicle

22. vesicle

21. orbicle

20. microvesicle

19. ventricle

18. interclavicle

17. antiparticle

16. vitellicle

15. multiparticle

14. wavicle

13. planticle

12. vehicle

11. bipedicle

10. quasiparticle

9. epicuticle

8. papulovesicle

7. pseudoventricle

6. icicle

5. canticle

4. testicle

3. supraclavicle

2. chicle

1. popsicle