On A Portrait of the Alt-Bro as a Young Dumbass

Jesus Christ someone please make this guy listen to Ice Cube's "Death Certificate"

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On Has Your City Been Marked For Death Yet?


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On The Mathematics of Re-Calibration

To answer your question: the police.

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On When a Man Grabs You on the Subway and Tries to Drag You Down a Flight of Stairs

Back in my day, we never laid hands on a woman, and when men had a dispute to settle, we squared up and fought with fair ones..... I'm barely out of college. Also, the guyabera fuckboi sounds like he does way too much blow.

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On Memes and Misogynoir

Those are not memes. Those are image macros. Racism
Are the memes.

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On Moon Stupidly Shaped

lmao the moon can eat my equatorial bulge.

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On Moral Calculus Elucidated

frankly the problem with ebooks is, wtf do you do with them when you're done? a paper book can have hella owners so whoever buys it new knows theyre subsidizing hella future reads but an ebook? man who the heck borrows an ebook?

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