On The Homeland Generation

an article about millennials that doesn't mention drake? miss me with that

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On The Rise of Fake Good Cocktails

i broke up with someone because they offered their opinion on "cocktail culture" unsolicited. everything about cocktails is garbage.

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On A Field Guide to the True American Diner

theres one around the corner from my house that makes this thing called a pile up and its hash browns, beans, chile, cheese, and eggs and its the size of a football and the best meal ever and also less than $6

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On Cool Words Properly Historicized

Yeah but they never listened to the remix of ay bay bay so who is really winning

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On The Saddest Thing You Can Buy in a Grocery Store Is Salad Dressing

the tone of the awl has gotten progressively less readable over the years

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On The Ads We Deserve

For fucks sake! I am from ABQ and if I hear one more thing about Breaking Bad I am kicking their saditty ass

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On Lifestyle Appraised

White people are wack

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On Man Struck By Bike

I'm a 6'3" motherfucker from the southwest and you effete coastal liberals would all find out what these hands are about if you hit me with a bike car or skateboard. If you bumped into me on foot though I would just be concerned about whether you had spilled your coffee

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On Kiesza Feat. Joey Bada$$, "Bad Thing"

Posting Joey badass mp3s is crusty

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On Middleman Removed

Take the world and crumble it into bite sized pieces

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